Samsung Piton SM-B310E

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Samsung B310 is build a very pleasant and distinctive design, long battery life and the Samsung B310's ability to use two SIM-cards are the things to watch for and that too in an affordable price. If you have two tariff package, Samsung's B310 is very convenient no matter what network are you on you can easily switch from SIM1 to SIM2. Key characteristics of B310 comfortable classic model from Samsung is known for quality and functionality. Colorful 2.0 inch TFT-LCD clearly displays all the icons and text. B310 by Samsung will work on GSM 800/1900 and for quite a long time without recharging. Sensitive dust-proof backlit keyboard of Samsung glory edition B310 is comfortable and easy to use. Illumination is especially useful in low light conditions. This Samsungs mobile phone is lightweight and compact, with good sound quality. GPRS and Bluetooth 2.1 allows the exchange of data on Samsung B31 with other devices. Having an organizer, a few games and a radio, Samsung B310 hiphops like a king. If you're looking for an inexpensive and high-quality mobile phone, we recommend you to buy Samsung latest bar phone B310

Slim and ergonomic design
Phone is replete with ergonomic design and streamlined final touch, and separates the line-Qasim attractive phone SM-B310E back cover modern front. Where the framework of offers you the security of 13.1 mm and a comfortable 

A larger screen, better view
QQVGA TFT LCD screen lets you 2.0 inch phone SM-B310E viewing experience more comfortable for text messages and a set of the contents of the media.
A larger screen, better view

Compatible with SIM cards
Function lets you use two different SIM cards two numbers on the same phone at the same time using the SM-B310E phone. Enjoy more flexibility and better communication; and the balance of happy between your business and your personal life.

Sound jack 3.5 mm in size
Enjoy the sounds of your favorite music with the music player phone SM-B310E. Headphone 3.5 mm jack is at hand and is compatible with most models of headphones and ear.

MicroSD card support
Phone SM-B310E provider port MicroSD card, allowing you to extend your memory capacity up to 16 GB. Make the most of the additional storage space, also it allows you to take media files with you wherever you go.

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